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Ely Justice Court remains open. Based upon recommendations to practice “social distancing” in an effort to “flatten the curve”, in light of concerns regarding CoVID-19 (coronavirus), however, Ely Justice Court will not, except in extraordinary circumstances, be available for in person assistance. Further, the Court has found it reasonable to postpone and reschedule certain hearings. The Court will continue to process payments and filings, properly submitted to the Court.

Order Regarding Stays of Evictions

Traffic and Other Citation Appearances:

All appearance dates scheduled by citation are rescheduled to 9:00 a.m., on June 3, 2020


You are encouraged to make your filings by fax or email. Ely Justice Court still accepts filings by mail.

Criminal Cases:

All criminal cases are being evaluated individually. If you are -or you are associated with- a witness or an alleged victim, you are encouraged to contact the prosecutor (i.e. White Pine County District Attorney) at 775-293-6565. If you are –or you are associated with- a defendant, you are encouraged to contact the defendant’s attorney.

Protective Orders:

Applications for protective orders may be found online at Administrative Office of the Courts.

Formal Civil Suits:

All formal civil suits are stayed until further notice.


Ely Justice Court has not issue a blanket stay of eviction proceedings. Each case will be considered on its own merits. Eviction forms are no longer available at Ely Justice Court but may be found online at Civil Law Self Help Center Evictions.

Small Claims:

All small claims hearings are rescheduled to 9:00 a.m., on June 1, 2020. Small claims forms may be available online at Civil Law Self Help Center.

Remote Appearances:

Ely Justice Court is experimenting with allowing appearances via video-conference in many types of cases. Please contact the Court via phone or email for more information.

Fines, Fees, & Citations

Make a payment.

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